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Telecom Engineering

Our staff of professional engineers helps clients plan, design, bid, and implement facility improvements to their telecommunications networks.

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GIS & Mapping

At Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, our expert staff assists clients in planning, designing, and developing reliable data integration solutions.

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Right of Way

We know property ownership is personal. That is why Palmetto Engineering & Consulting employs a specially trained team to manage Right of Way negotiations the right way.

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Palmetto Engineering & Consulting has an expert staff to assist clients in the planning, design, and development of reliable data integration solutions. Our data engineering team is committed to providing innovative, cost-effective services that help your business operate more efficiently.

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Who Benefits From Palmetto Engineering?


Anyone! Anyone benefits who owns and operates a communications network or needs to plan and build a new network. Whether operators are currently managing or are planning a fiber, copper, or coax network, they will significantly benefit from Palmetto Engineering & Consulting's wide range of services.

Our extensive customer base includes a wide variety of industries. We provided services to Electric Utilities; Local, County, and State Governments; Colleges and Campus Enterprises; Internet Service Providers; Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers; Competitive Local Exchange Carrier; Transportation Departments; and many others.

We have you covered, from planning, designing, bidding, implementing, mapping, and managing your network to training employees and customizing GIS solutions for your specific needs.

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Electric Utilities

We help connect communities!

Superior Engineering and Consulting Services

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