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Review and update your personal information, search the company directory, and access the ORG chart.


Log in to the benefits portal to review insurance-related benefits available through the company.

Register for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) and 2FA/MFA

You must preregister at least two methods to reset your email password. Review your options at

See how to configure the Microsoft Authenticator app at

Email on a Company-Provided Computer

On your computer, click the Windows Start menu, type Outlook, and click the Outlook App shortcut.

You can check for misclassified spam at

Email on Cell, Tablet, or Home Computer

You can check for misclassified spam at

PEC Employee Pages

Learn more about the following and many other topices.

Ajera Timesheet and Expenses on Windows PC

You must use Microsoft Edge to log in at

Ajera Timesheet Entry on Mobile Devices

Ajera does not have a timesheet app. Instead, they created the following website, which works in your device's web browser app.

Expense Report Entry on Mobile Devices

You must use the Deltek Expense for Ajera app to enter expenses on a mobile device.

Visit the PEC Employee Pages for download links more details about the Deltek Expense for Ajera app.

When setting up the app, enter the following server URL. (NOTE: the link is not clickable; you should copy/paste or carefully type it into the app.)

iPad for GIS

Remote Support