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Arkwest Communications Stays Cutting Edge with GIS Deployment

Seven years ago, Arkwest Communications embarked on a multi-year Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband overbuild of their entire service area. They had an existing CAD mapping and records system for their copper network that they initially utilized for their new FTTH network. This worked for a couple of years until the product was discontinued and support was coming to an end. At that point, Arkwest faced a decision...

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Developing a Web GIS Strategy and Why Your Company Needs One

When you think of GIS, most people think of paper maps that were created so that somebody could carry information around in the field. Or you think of generating a nice PDF map that can be viewed on a computer by multiple people for collaboration. Let me tell you, those days are now becoming obsolete! Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when paper maps and PDF’s may still be needed. But once such media are printed or created, they become outdated. It’s no longer real-time data.

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Palmetto Donates Space for Resurgent's Bikes 4 Kids

Since 2004, Resurgent Capital Services has come together to build bicycles for children in our local community. Through this effort, they have been able to provide thousands of bikes to at-risk kids in the area. This year, Palmetto Engineering is proud to take part in this amazing event by donating warehouse space to both store and assemble the bicycles.

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Palmetto Engineering Expanding Upstate Operations

Palmetto Engineering, a firm that specializes in telecommunications engineering, industrial electrical engineering and GIS telecommunications software, is expanding its Upstate operations with the establishment of a new facility in Anderson County. The company is investing $1.2 million in the project, creating 25 new jobs in Piedmont, S.C. over the next five years.

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Communications Expert Points Lens at Big Data's Power

The future is now: We can predict a major storm with strawberry Pop Tarts... we can save a fortune without ever making a left-hand turn in our cars... and we can know about our teen daughter's pregnancy if she buys Skittles candy. Steve Shepard, a globe-trotting tech specialist and professional photographer, shared those snapshots when he turned his lens on Big Data at Palmetto Engineering & Consulting's annual PEC Showcase in January.

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Consulting for Telecommunications Companies Upgrading their Broadband Facilities

George Wyatt, President and CEO of Palmetto Engineering & Consulting, was recently featured in an interview with CEOCFO. During the course of the interview he spoke on a number of topics ranging from the recent merger with CT&T in Arkansas, the success of our GIS software CrescentLink, our growing work in the oil and gas arena, and the future of telecommunications including how big data will play a major role in the industry as we move forward.

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Palmetto Engineering Takes Smart Grid Seriously

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A new comedy on TV, The Last Man On Earth, portrays … yes … the last man on Earth. The show's hero not only spends most of his time alone – because he is – but he also has to be funny. He also has to find humor after The Virus (or whatever it is) just wiped out everyone but him. Never mind that the lights somehow stay on.

Fortunately, we're all here, still, and we have "the grid" to thank for keeping our lives, computers, and appliances, humming. The grid's getting smart, and the Smart Grid relies on information and communication technology to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity.

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