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Transmission & Distribution Services

Palmetto Engineering serves a wide range of clientele from privately owned and publicly traded industry leaders in the oil and gas industry to public and investor-owned energy providers across multiple states. Our clients’ needs are met with professionalism and dedication no matter how large or small the project required. We strive to build long term relationships with every client we touch. PEC is not only interested in finding solutions for your energy needs, but also in being part of your success. Contact us to find out how we can help manage your power delivery needs.

What We Do

PEC specializes in providing turn-key, electrical engineering services and offering client support from project start-up through completion. Our specialties include electrical engineering, electrical design, construction, analysis, and maintenance services. We bring a wealth of man-years experience to any electrical engineering challenge. We specialize in system upgrades, assisting utilities with unique delivery capacity and performance issues, and specialized power distribution engineering solutions.

Electrical Engineering

PEC offers a full range of electrical engineering services from GIS mapping and circuit modeling to power distribution engineering, as well as complete electrical engineering support services. Our electrical engineering services include:

  • Power distribution engineering: generation, transmission, substation design, and distribution system modeling & design, along with grounding protection services
  • Industrial power engineering
  • SCADA implementations & upgrades
  • Lightning and Transient Mitigation
  • Small Form, and non-traditional, generation solutions
  • Complete electrical engineering support
  • Construction/Project Management

Electrical Design & Construction

Our electrical design and construction services are client-focused and encompass all stages of design and construction, from new system planning and design to renovation and rewiring. PEC’s electrical design and construction services include:

  • Utility infrastructure: We design engineering solutions for construction of utility infrastructure
  • PEC is proficient with CrescentLink, PartnerSoft, NISC and other staking software platforms
  • Substation design & construction: We handle design, equipment procurement, and construction coordinating services
  • Substation upgrades
  • Complete civil engineering support: Our team provides surveying, staking, line layout, right-of-way identification, and procurement services
  • Single line diagrams and Construction drawings

Analysis & Maintenance

Regardless of whether PEC handled your project's design and construction phases, we can provide full-service support, analysis, and maintenance for a variety of electrical engineering projects. Our analysis and maintenance services include:

  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Pole line inspections and quality assurance
  • Safety audits
  • PME/SME metering consolidation
  • Troubleshooting, restoration, and repairs
  • Protective Device Coordination Studies
  • Arc-Flash Studies

Oil & Gas

PEC supports Oil and Gas clients in multiple states. We strive at providing cost effective ways to provide power to our clients assets. Whether it is miles of power lines or small micro-grids, PEC can offer solutions for any project. Our services include:

  • Asset Inventory Collection and GPS location of electrical system and equipment
  • Power line inspections for safety and quality assurance
  • Pole tagging and mapping of oil fields
  • PME/SME consolidation
  • Milsoft modeling and load analysis for future growth plans
  • Arc-Flash Studies
  • Custom construction diagrams for pole assembly

T&D Projects

Palmetto Engineering has completed a variety of electrical engineering projects, spanning areas including substation design, electrical design-build projects, and pole line construction. With offices in Greenville, SC and Little Rock, AR, we serve clients across the country. Some of our completed projects include:

  • SEL relay settings
  • Transmission & distribution power substation design
  • New pole line systems and upgrades
  • Circuit coordination and fuse protection
  • Lightning arrestor & surge protection design
  • Electric system grounding and bonding improvements
  • Neutral wire additions for three wire primary systems
  • Distribution circuit modeling using Milsoft Utility solutions software
  • PME/SME consolidation for reduced power costs
  • Project and equipment specifications
  • Drawing document conversions to AutoCAD
  • On-site project inspections and quality insurance
  • Safety audits and documentation
  • Asset tagging, equipment labeling, GPS location records for electrical systems, roads, gas lines, and other items
  • Database migrations and conversions from existing electrical modeling software to Milsoft Utility Solutions software

GIS Services

PEC leverages the power of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to organize, visualize and analyze our clients’ data so they can operate more efficiently and effectively in the utility and energy markets. Our mission is to help our clients get the most from their investment in GIS and Spatial Technology. Our services include:

  • Developing an overall GIS strategy or roadmap
  • Assisting clients with their day-to-day workflow and long-term projects
  • Augmenting and supporting the client’s GIS staff
  • Implementing practical solutions that are tailored to specific objectives
  • Building secure GIS platforms to store, manage and present information for executive collaboration – inside their enterprise or hosted in the cloud
  • ArcGIS Online Utility Jumpstart
  • Utility Software Implementation and Deployments

Additional duties include providing data processing services, applications and professional solutions across many different areas: field data collection, data migration, data analysis, conversions, imagery acquisition, remote sensing and professional map production.

Typical projects performed by PEC GIS Services:

  • Facility asset management
  • Utility inspections
  • Utility planning
  • Geo-intelligence
  • Geo-design
  • Site selection analytics
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business intelligence integration
  • Imagery processing/classification
  • Terrain and surface analysis
  • LiDAR capture, interpolation and modeling
  • Vegetation indexing and management
  • Hydrological analysis
  • Statistical marketing analysis
  • Routing
  • 3D rendering and CAD integration
  • Electronic or paper publishing

In addition, we have extensive experience working with scientists, surveyors, contractors, and landowners across the disciplines of electric, oil, gas, real estate, water and environmental land management.