Multi-Factor Authentication Using the
Microsoft Authenticator App

MutliFactor Authentication or MFA is like having a second password for your login, and it’s a requirement for all company email accounts. Microsoft will soon prompt you for “more information” to configure MFA if you don’t already have it set up.

If you add your company account to your mobile device's email app and messages unexpectedly stop sending and receiving, removing the account and adding it back in your device settings should resolve the problem.

Once configured for your work account, you’ll need to keep the Microsoft Authenticator app installed. If you should factory reset or change/upgrade your device, you must reinstall it and add your work account again.

Get the App

Before proceeding, you need the app. If you already have it installed, you can skip to the next section.

Get the app for your iPhone at the
Apple App Store

Get the Android/Samsung app from
Google Play Store


  • Begin by visiting, where you may see prompts to log in to your webmail account or "provide more information." After one or both prompts, the "Palmetto, CT&T, CTS Keep Your Account Secure" page will open.

  • The steps below assume you are using Chrome, Edge, Safari, or another modern web browser on a computer.

  • It is possible to perform all the steps on your mobile; however, the steps below show using a computer with your mobile.

    First Get the App
  1. You should alread have the app installed, so select the Next button to continue.

  2. Click Next and then open the app
  3. Select the Next button and then open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile

  4. Add account, select work, scan the QR code
  5. In the mobile app, tap "+Add Account" (a above), "Work or school account" (b above), "Scan a QR code" (c above), and then point your phone's camera at the QR code on your computer's screen

  6. Scan the QR and click next
  7. After you scan the QR code with your phone, select the Next button

  8. Tap approve on your mobile
  9. Give it a try by tapping the "Approve" button on your phone's screen and then select the Next button to continue

  10. Vanishing green box means success
  11. You may notice the green "success" box in the top right corner, but it’s okay if it vanishes before you see it

  12. First Get the App
  13. Enter your mobile number and select the Next button

  14. Enter the code
  15. Enter the code you received by text message and select the Next button

  16. SMS verified
  17. Select the Next button

  18. Click Next and then open the app
  19. Select the Done button

What if Something Went Wrong

If you see the “something went wrong” warning, and the last line reads “unknown error code,” click the “done” button and ignore the message.

However, if you’re having trouble getting things to work, don’t waste your time struggling. Instead, contact the IT department for help. A techy-type supervisor or coworker who has experience setting up MFA may also be willing and able to help you.

Something went wrong