Multi-Factor Authentication Using the
Microsoft Authenticator App

MutliFactor Authentication or MFA is like having a second password for your login, and it’s a requirement for all company email accounts. Microsoft will soon prompt you for “more information” to configure MFA if you don’t already have it set up.

You need to install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device, and you’ll need to keep it installed. If you get a different device or restore your device to factory settings, you’ll need to install and configure the app again.

If you add your company email to your mobile device and messages unexpectedly stop sending and receiving, removing the account and adding it back in your device settings should resolve the problem.

Get the App

Before proceeding, you need to install the app.

Get the app for your iPhone here->
Apple App Store

Get the Android/Samsung app here->
Google Play Store

Watch A How-to Video

One of the following Microsoft training videos on YouTube will help you set up the Authenticator app the way you want it to work for you, or you can read the instructions below.

A quick look at the screenshot at the end of this article will help you know what to do if “something went wrong.”

Receive notification for verification
Use verification code

Follow Written Instructions to
Receive Notification For Verification

Follow the steps below to receive a notification button to tap on your mobile screen for verification. Using any modern web browser on any computer should work fine for completing the steps.

  1. On a computer, visit
  2. You may see prompts to log in to your webmail account or to “provide more information,” but after one or both of the prompts, the “Palmetto, CT&T, CTS” Additional Security Verification App Passwords page will start

  3. Open the dropdown located under the “how should we contact you” prompt and choose “Mobile app” from the list
  4. Select “receive notifications for verification” for how you want to use the mobile app
  5. Click the “set up” button
  6. First MFA Clicks
  7. Read carefully from your computer screen or follow the next section of steps below to enable the Microsoft Authenticator app
  1. “Open the installed app on your mobile, select “add an account,” and tap “work or school account”
  2. Tap “scan a QR code” while pointing your mobile toward the QR code that appears on your computer’s screen (To create a new QR code, click cancel on your computer screen and then click the “set up” button again)
  3. After the app accepts the QR code, click the “Next” button on your computer screen to begin checking the activation status (You may need to tap the “approve” button on your mobile before or after the next step)
  4. When you see the words “mobile app has been configured for notifications” to the right of the “set up” button, proceed to the next step below
Scan the QR Code
  1. On your computer screen, click the “Next” button and continue

  2. Open the dropdown located under the “in case you lose access to the mobile app” and choose “United States (+1)” from the list
  3. Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and click the “done” button (You may need to click the “Yes” or “No” button in the “stay signed in” pop up on your computer screen)
  4. Enter Mobile Number
  5. When the “additional security verification” page opens, select “alternate authentication phone,” choose “United States (+1)” from the list, and then enter your 10-digit home phone, spouse’s phone, or other “last resort” number, but keep in mind that anyone who can answer the call can access your account

  6. Click the “save” button located at the bottom of the page (You may also see an “updates successful” pop up where you’ll need to click the “close” button)

What if Something Went Wrong

If you see the “something went wrong” warning, and the last line reads “unknown error code,” click the “done” button and ignore the message.

However, if you’re having trouble getting things to work, don’t waste your time struggling. Instead, contact the IT department for help. A techy-type supervisor or coworker who has experience setting up MFA may also be willing and able to help you.

Something went wrong